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25 Mar

GS_E-BlastNew (March 25 2014)

Specially design thermal curling irons for today´s short hair styles. Works with short hair and working close to the scalp.

The rainbow short hair curling irons possesses a tip that is tapered for easy positioning of the iron into the small section of the hair. It is also the smallest of the curling iron family and is highly preferred when curling hair that is extremely short and close to the scalp.

Valid till May 31, 2014


Short Hair Curling Irons – The Toothpick Curling Iron

6 Mar

Toothpick Curling Iron

  • Perfect Balance
  • Barrel Centered for Even Turning
  • Tough Construction
  • 1/16” Diameter

Short Hair Curling Irons – The Micro Silky Pressing Iron

6 Mar

Micro Silky Pressing Iron

  • Specially Designed for Short Hair
  • Curls Hair Close to the Scalp
  • Tough Construction

The Micro Silky is designed like the other silky irons it too is a pressing and beveling iron. The iron performs in the same manner as its bigger cousin straightens and bending even the smallest sections of hair while producing a silky shiny finish.

19 Piece Special Limited Edition Rainbow Styling Set

9 Sep

19pc set

6 FREE items ($212.30 salon value) included with every Rainbow Styling Set

Rainbow Styling Set: Stand, Stove, and 10 Irons (01-2, 07, 08, 09, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60), Styling DVD 

Free Bonus Items Included with Each Purchase : 4 Irons(C-30, Silky Mini, Silky Senior, NW-3), Pressing Comb, Irons To Go Bag